By Tamara

Cyber attack scenarios are becoming increasingly sophisticated. MyPrivacy GmbH has developed a new approach to securing data stored and exchanged via online services without requiring blind trust in the service provider.
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Different Types of Electronic Signatures

By Tamara

Numerous providers offer different e-signature schemes, with notable differences. Little documentation describes the different e-signature techniques to enable their suitability in addressing specific business needs. Read this blog article by MyPrivacy and find out more.
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How to protect Documents?

By Tamara

The development of information technology has been synonymous with the increased share of multimedia traffic in data networks. At the same time, the trend has necessitated the need to solve a myriad of security issues in relation to data. For instance, organizations must now implement measures to...

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How you´re transferring data may not be as secure as you think

By Tamara

How do you ensure that the files you share with other parties remain secure during and after the transfer? This article explains everything you need to know about the most common channels used to share files and data and points out likely threats when sharing data with these channels.
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10 Most Common Cloud Security Vulnerabilities, Threats and Risks

By Tamara

Organizations are increasingly developing new applications and migrating existing ones to a cloud environment to leverage capabilities like flexibility, security, instant access, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. There are many compelling reasons businesses and IT leaders replace legacy and on-p...

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