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The most powerful security experience

Secure Onboarding

Multi-factor authentication and LDAP integration ensures
you onboard the right person, without compromise.

Anonymous Requests

Unlike traditional authentication,
anonymous authentication does not
disclose your identity.

Flexible folder structures

Re-organise your drives, folders, and files for your specific needs.
We will obfuscate the folder structure and encrypt the uploaded
content automatically.

Permission-based sharing

Grant read or full-access to your drives.
Only you decide and know who has access.

Retain full control

As data owner you can trace who has accessed your data, and set an automatic expiration date or manually revoke access rights.

Secure ad-hoc sharing

On the move, you can share password-protected
links to your files with non-registered users.

Privacy-preserving notifications

Stay up-to-date with changes in your shared drive, and drives
shared with you. Notifications protect all details from being revealed.

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