Data Security is becoming extremely critical.

In times of digital industrial espionage, organized hacker attacks, viruses, social engineering and other digital threats, businesses and governments need to prioritize data security for a number of reasons. The consequences of a security threat can be far-reaching, ranging from reputation damage, high follow-up costs in the context of the elimination of the problem, lost customers, reduced revenues, to penalties. Some or all of the above topics can be hazardous in the worst case scenario.

MyPrivacy offers the ultimate solution.

MyPrivacy has developed a method to protect data in the most secure way.  We provide our customers with the right set of tools to prohibit unauthorized access or manipulation (copy, overwrite, modify, delete, insert) of their data.

In addition the solutions enable the secure exchange of data from "Human to Human", but also "Human to Machine" and "Machine to Machine".

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The utilization of MyPrivacy is versatile.

The application allows to be adapted according to your needs from health, finance, ICT, manufacturing, government to many more. Our solutions are made for small, medium or large companies and institutionswho want to outsource their sensitive data to the public cloud using the highest possible security standards. Our products are extended by a Service Delivery Kit (SDK) to allow customers implementing our technology directly into their own applications.

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Because of the unique, highly sophisticated system architecture
and encryption mechanisms of MyPrivacy,
your data is absolutely secure in any public or private cloud.

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