• Next-level

A New Standard

No leaks

Data is encrypted and decrypted

on the users' end device.

No exposure

All data access and other user activity

is anonymous.

No surveillance

User connections and interactions

remain private.


Empowering Digital Sovereignity

End-to-end encryption

The data structure is obfuscated by splitting it into chunks of uniform size. The chunks are end-to-end encrypted. But protection doesn┬┤t stop at the data.

Anonymous credentials

Zero knowledge proofs make user identities indistinguishable and activities unlinkable providing a higher level of security and privacy.

Decentralized access control

Permissions set by the data owner are not revealed to anyone.

With revocation and access tracing, the owner remains in full control.


Protecting Business Reputation

Audit compliance

If legitimate cases such as court decision, internal fraud investigation

or other arise, auditors can look up activities on a user-level granularity.

Business continuity

In the case of changes to user access management such as employees
leaving, access to data can be recovered.

Account administration

In case the operator deactivates an account, the user loses his access

rights immediately.

Many Products, One Foundation

SafeSpace SHARE

The most secure file sharing for sensitive data.
Built upon SafeSpace CORE.

SafeSpace CORE

Our SDK for integration in third-party solutions.
Versatile yet uncompromised on protection.

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