Considerations when looking for strong Storage Solutions

By Tamara

As organizations scale up, they handle an ever-increasing amount of information. Consequently, it has never been more crucial to have effective and secure data storage solutions in place. Our previous post on Strong (Data) Storage Solutions highlights that sto...

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Strong (Data) Storage Solutions

By Tamara

Most businesses consider data to be one of the most treasured assets. Data provides statistics and essential facts to enhance business operations or measure external and internal business activities. Tim Berners-Lee, the World Wide Web inventor, said, “data is a precious thing and will last longer t...

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Data Breaches in a post COVID-19 world

By Tamara

individuals. Enormous damage occurs when sensitive information is exposed. Even small vulnerabilities can lead to massive data breaches. Therefore, it is important to understand data breaches.
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How is information classified in general?

By Tamara

Often, data is not easy to classify. Many organizations face difficulties in implementing and adhering to a formal information classification scheme. Many businesses fail to maintain an effective data classification strategy. Others do not have any information classification scheme at all.
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All you need to know about Austria´s e-Impfpass (Digital Vaccination Pass)

By Tamara

The e-Impfpass (electronic vaccination pass) is an automatic service that provides convenience and accessibility to vaccination data and simplifies managing personal health information.
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