MyPy Technology Facts: Multi Hierarchy Data Protection

By - Tamara
05.11.19 09:55

MyPrivacy uses a variety of proven state of the art algorithms and methods in combination with unique inventions, patents and developments. In this Blog called "MyPy Technology Facts", every component of the exceptional technology of MyPrivacy is described in an understandable way, in order to help potential customers to understand the technology better. One of these paradigms is the "Multi Hierarchy Data Protection Technology". To understand how MyPrivacy utilizes and incorporates this "MHDPT", read the blog post below.

Multi Hierarchy Data Protection Technology

MHDTP, which stands for Multi-Hierarchy Data Protection Technology, is the patented core technology of MyPrivacy.

Within this technology the entire dataset (e.g. folder with subfolders and files, or an XML-file) is split into single data-points (e.g. folder /file, or XML-tag) and each data-point is encrypted with an individual key. But fear not - there is no need to enter a different password for each file: all the keys are derived from cryptographic rules. This also means, that no key is ever stored - neither locally nor on any remote system!

The relationship between data-points (e.g. "this folder contains that file", or XML-subnodes) is encrypted alongside the content, removing any possibility to trace it back by the storage provider. Any connection to the user is removed altogether - data ownership is linked to the ability to read the data-point.

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