MyPy Technology Facts:  End-to-End Encryption

By - Tamara
05.02.20 16:07

MyPrivacy uses a variety of proven state of the art algorithms and methods in combination with unique inventions, patents and developments. In this Blog called "MyPy Technology Facts", every component of the exceptional technology of MyPrivacy is described in an understandable way, in order to help potential customers to understand the technology better. One of these paradims is the "End-to-End Encryption". To understand how MyPrivacy utilizes and incorporates this "End-to-End Encryption", read the blog post below.


As soon as the user saves a file it is encrypted on his device and transferred to the storage. This guarantees that only the data-owner or authorised share-partner have access to the data, maintaining its secrecy. Neither the dispatch nor the storage have any knowledge of the data.