We use proven state of the art algorithms and methods in combination with our own inventions, patents and developments.

The protection mechanism of MyPrivacy incorporates multiple paradigms:

6 - Eyes - Principle

MyPrivacy consists of 3 separate entities: the user, dispatch and storage. Only if all three of them supply their partial data, it is possible to retrieve the requested piece of information. Even if one of the parties is compromised, the security of the whole system still can be guaranteed.


Any file stored in MyPrivacy is first hashed, then encrypted and finally hashed again - this ensures the integrity of the data, which can be checked by the user at any time.

Separation of Concerns

The dispatch is responsible for the user authentication, but has no insight into any data being transferred. The storage, on the other hand, receives all the data, but does not handle any authentication. This  separates the data from the owner, thus providing complete anonymity.

Random Address Mapping

Within the communication protocol all adresses are encrypted with a session-based key.

As a result any data-access - including shared file structures - has to be sanctioned by the dispatch, without involving it in the data-transfer itself.

Multi Hierarchy Data Protection

The entire data-structure of the user is modelled with Multi-Hierarchy-Data-Protection-Technology (MHDPT).

This allows MyPrivacy to store the data  on the storage without any connection between the user, the folders and/or their data points - called unlinkability.


As soon as the user saves a file it is encrypted on his device and transferred to the storage. This guarantees that only the data-owner or authorised share-partner have access to the data, maintaining its secrecy. Neither the dispatch nor the storage have any knowledge of the data.

We provide unique features to our customers.

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Storage of any structured data

If information is available in a

tree-like structure, it can be mapped directly into MyPrivacy objects.

No relations

For stored data, no data owner is tracked. So even if decrypted, a relation between a data point and its owner cannot be derived.

Secure Messaging

MyPrivacy provides a secure messaging embedded entirely in its own technology for any communication between users.

File Splitting

Files are divided into blocks of 128KB (configurable) each, increasing the performance and hiding the structure of the files from the storage provider.


Our technology detects duplicate blocks without knowing the contents of a block, ultimately leading to significant storage space savings.

Hierarchy Obfuscation

For the storage provider the directory structure is a set of independent, indistinguishable data points, where no relation can be established.

Granular Permission Levels

Different read and write keys grant  permission for each individual data point, without the need for


No Password Reset

MyPrivacy uses "zero knowledge encryption", this means nobody can reset the password and only the user is able to read their data.

Lost Key Provision

MyPrivacy allows each user to back-up their credentials by securely sharing key fragments.

Enterprise Cloud Deployment

MyPrivacy provides Docker images to be comfortably deployed on the customer┬┤s cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Independency

Since MyPrivacy is based on Java technology, it works with any enterprise cloud such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or others.

File Size Limitation

For a block size of e.g. 128KB, the maximum file size that can be stored is 281.474.976.579.584 Bytes - almost 256TB.

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