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How to create a strong password?

Weak passwords are the number one reason for security breaches.

Don´t make it easy for hackers, to crack yours. Here are some tips, how to create a strong password.

Use a minimum of 12 characters.

The longer the password, the better. There is no minimum password length generally agreed on, but advisable are passwords that are a minimum of 12 to 14 characters in length. Longer passwords are of course even better.

Use a mixture of different types of characters.

It is advisable to use a mixture of different types of characters to make the password harder to crack. Include numbers, symbols, capital letters and lower-case letters when creating your password.

Do not use dictionary words.

Avoid obvious dictionary words or combinations of dictionary

words. Any combination of obvious words, like for example

“house” or even “redhouse” are very bad.

Use 2-factor-authentication.

The even better solution to heighten the security of your password

is to use 2-factor-authentication.

Do not rely on obvious substitutions.

Common substitutions, such as replacing an “o” with an “0” are very bad. If you use substitutions, don´t make them too obvious.

Manage your passwords by using safes.

We highly recommend you to use password safes in order to manage your different passwords.

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