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MyPrivacy sees itself as cloud enabler for the secure exchange of sensitive data, addressing common security concerns with its patented "SafeSpace" solution. Based on advanced cryptographic technology, MyPrivacy redefines the state of the art in secure data exchange.

"MyPrivacy enbles enterprises
to move securely to the cloud."

Founded 2018

MyPrivacy was founded in Vienna. We start every engagement with a ´customer-centric´ approach - understanding the needs and challenges of our customers.


At MyPrivacy we share passion about data privacy, data protection and cryptography. We help our clients to solve their privacy and compliance challenges efficiently.


MyPrivacy's vision is to provide the best possible protection for sensitive data in a specially developed "SafeSpace".

With us, you can trust, that your data is safe.


"SafeSpace" is universally applicable to protect data from unauthorized access, prevent analysis as well as data theft

and manipulation.


Download the following information material to learn more about MyPrivacy and it´s products.

Company Information

MyPrivacy has developed a unique solution for data privacy called SafeSpace. It is designed as a cross-industry solution and suitable for a wide range of industries.

Allgemeine Unternehmensinformation DE
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SafeSpace CORE

With "SafeSpace CORE", the company offers components that can be easily integrated into third-party solutions.

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Product Information SafeSpace CORE EN
SafeSpace SHARE

"SafeSpace SHARE" is a comprehensive solution that secures the data exchange with external partners, while using the cloud environment of your choice.

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Produktinformation SafeSpace SHARE EN


"SafeSpace WHISTLEBLOWER" is another product, that is currently being developed to address the requirements of the soon-to-be-introduced "EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

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Product Information SafeSpace WHISTLEBLOWER EN

We have been presenting our technology
during the "International Forum" at the IT-SA Nürnberg -
Forum B - Hall 7A (International)
on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 / 2:00 - 2:15 p.m.

If you are interested in watching our presentation video
click here

Contact Information:

Project Office

Argentinierstraße 53/16

1040 Vienna



+43 (0) 660 505 3773