MyPy Technology Facts:  6-eyes-principle

By - Tamara
30.07.19 13:19

MyPrivacy uses a variety of proven state of the art algorithms and methods in combination with unique inventions, patents and developments. In this Blog called "MyPy Technology Facts", every component of the exceptional technology of MyPrivacy is described in an understandable way, in order to help potential customers to understand the technology better. One of these paradigms is the "6 – eyes – principle". To understand how MyPrivacy utilizes and incorporates this "6 – eye –   principle", read the blog post below.

6 - Eyes - Principle

MyPrivacy utilizes a multi-layered security architecture in order to make any data absolutely secure when saving it on any device or cloud. This security architecture consists of three layers. The cornerstone is called Multi Hierarchy Data Protection Technology, short MHDPT. It is responsible for the encryption of your data and secures any metadata, such as ownership or the relationship to other data points. In order to give our customers the opportunity to grant read and write permissions to each data point, we have established Access Control Keys (ACKs) on top of the MHDPT. 

The Random Address Mapping (RAM) further allows to grant and revoke access to shares without the need of re-encrypting them at each step. 

Furthermore, MyPrivacy provides three components, which correspond to the security layers of our technology. First, the user interacts with a Device. This device implements the MHDPT and provides end-to-end security. Then the Storage - It provides data storage and enforces the ACKs. And at last the Dispatch, which moderates and routes new session requests and manages all the necessary data for RAM. All these components together establish the multi-layered security architecture, which makes the technology offered by MyPrivacy highly secure. If you decide to guard your data before storing it on any device or in any cloud, MyPrivacy offers the ultimate solution.

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