MyPy Technology Facts: Hash-Encrypt-Hash

By - Tamara
18.12.19 10:13
MyPrivacy uses a variety of proven state of the art algorithms and methods in combination with unique inventions, patents and developments. In this Blog called "MyPy Technology Facts", every component of the exceptional technology of MyPrivacy is described in an understandable way, in order to help potential customers to understand the technology better. One of these paradims is the "Hash-Encrypt-Hash". To understand how MyPrivacy utilizes and incorporates this "Hash-Encrypt-Hash", read the blog post below.


Large files do not necessarily result in large storage usage.
MyPrivacy uses a technique called "convergent encryption", which allows us to recognise identical parts across files – all the wile without knowing the contents of either file.
At first each file is split into small chunks of equal size. For each chunk its hash is calculated, which in turn is used as the key for the chunk's encryption.
Finally the encrypted block is uploaded to the Storage under the hash of the cipher-text. Using this check-sum the Storage can determine whether the given block is new and has to be stored, or is actually already known. Furthermore the addresses at the Storage can be used to check the integrity of the data, since any data corruption will lead to an incorrect hash value.

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