MyPy Technology Facts:  RAM

By - Tamara
07.10.19 15:29

MyPrivacy uses a variety of proven state of the art algorithms and methods in combination with unique inventions, patents and developments. In this Blog called "MyPy Technology Facts", every component of the exceptional technology of MyPrivacy is described in an understandable way, in order to help potential customers to understand the technology better. One of these paradigms is the "Random Address Mapping". To understand how MyPrivacy utilizes and incorporates this "Random Address Mapping", read the blog post below.

Random Address Mapping (simplified)

Whenever the user accesses a shared folder for the first time in a session, the Dispatch provides the user's Device with a randomised translator used to access the share's data from the Storage. This translator is bound to the current session, so translators from previous sessions are useless. We use this property for efficient rights revocation in shares: to invalidate someone's access to a share it is sufficient to disable for that user the generation of the share's translator – without it no data from the share can be read.

To sum up, data-access is secured with a session-based translator and is sanctioned by the Dispatch, without involving it in the data-transfer itself.


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