How to apply MyPy in - mobility?

By - Tamara
05.11.19 09:53

Granular access to data in mobility

Key Words:  mobility, telemetry data, access, vehicle manufacturer, service platforms, vehicle owners

MyPrivacy Core Components:  SDK 

Length to read:  2 minutes

MyPrivacy's technology can be applied almost anywhere information is handled – whether between people, machines or in hybrid settings.

With this series we will explain each time new use cases and highlight the added value for our clients. 


This blog post addresses a complex scenario in the mobility industry. To be more specific, we talk about highest protection for sensitive mobility data in the public enterprise cloud. Selective, authorization-related and sovereign access for the manufacturer, service platforms and vehicle owners.

Due to their nature, vehicle telemetry data can be highly sensitive and for that reason must be stored securely. Depending on the context, different user data (telemetry data, vehicle usage, location, time, temperature, ...) should be made available to different parties according to a predefined authorization model. Stored data must be secured with the highest possible protection mechanisms and the secure data transfer from the vehicle to the cloud storage must be ensured.

In addition, limited user access must be possible - e.g. for the vehicle manufacturer, a fleet provider, the vehicle user or owner, the public administration and other entities. The system must be designed and capable to store any number of transactions per month. Storage and access to data must comply with legal requirements (storage duration).

Along with the slogan "my car - my data" - data security is a key requirement which seems to be even more enforced in the future. Access by unauthorized third parties must be prevented, data availability and integrity have to be ensured.

With its middleware MyPrivacy enables each party individually to access exactly the data "owned" by them without the need for central key management or relational databases. This reduces the risks for attacks. For each transaction, the relevant data points are recorded, encrypted and stored locally in the vehicle, or stored on an OBU (Onboard Unit).

According to specified criteria (time or period, location, etc.), data is sent to the Enterprise Cloud and stored in predefined structures. Access to data is granted exclusively on the "need to know" principle and is staggered according to usage profiles - for example:

  • Vehicle Owners: can change registration data and subscriptions, as well as to access historical transactions.
  • OBU / Vehicle Control Center: stores transactions of a vehicle or connected devices until they are partially or completely transferred to the cloud storage.
  • Service Provider: can only access and settle transactions from all segmented vehicles without knowledge about specific clients.

From scratch MyPrivacy enables all the advantages of the public cloud with higher security and scalability than your private cloud. Capacity bottlenecks or initial overcapacities in on premise infrastructures are no longer relevant and offer significant operational advantages. Smooth access to data while maintaining strict authorization levels is another advantage. With the SDK (Software Development Kit), the software of the OBU / Vehicle Control Center embedded, fast to deploy solutions are possible. End-to-end encryption from the moment data is generated along with zero knowledge and a need-to-know-principle prevents effectively unauthorized access to system data.

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