How to apply MyPy in - machinery production?

By - Tamara
07.10.19 15:38

Secure split of telemetry- and quality data in manufacturing

Key Words:  machinery, producer, telemetry data, access, machinery operation 

MyPrivacy Core Components:  SDK 

Length to read:  2 minutes

MyPrivacy's technology can be applied almost anywhere information is handled – whether between people, machines or in a hybrid setting.

With this new series we will highlight each time one of the many potential use cases which can benefit from our innovations. 


In this blog post we address the very complex industry of machinery production. More specific we talk about data splitting – granular access rights for machine producers and customers, increasing security and the wish to scale using the public cloud.


On the market a variety of machines are utilized, with different purposes and requirements. What do they all have in common? Which data is collected? Who needs to access this data? Overall machines generate telemetry data (uptime, downtime, temperature, output, …) relevant for the producer but as well manufacturing and quality data for their clients and the customers of the clients.


The goal is to provide access to the relevant data according to each user group using public cloud services at the highest security standards. Hacking, espionage or access by mistake must be prevented effectively. It must be easy to operate, auditable and cost efficient.


Thus MyPrivacy created a security solution based on three pillars: 

·  Multi Hierarchy Data Protection Technology (MHDPT) implemented by the accessing Device itself. 

·  Access Control Keys (ACK) enforced by the Storage server. 

·  Random Address Mapping (RAM) administered by the Dispatch server.


The latter – RAM – can use different randomization keys for different groups of data, thus providing an effective means of splitting data into arbitrary security domains. 

With this approach each machine can log all its metrics into a single data store – each data consumer is then granted access to their appropriate data group corresponding to the predefined security domains allowing them to read all the data they need without any way of gaining insights into the remaining data.

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