How to apply MyPy in - Law Enforcement

By - Tamara
18.12.19 10:14

Government data protected

MyPrivacy's technology can be applied almost anywhere information is handled – whether between people, machines or in hybrid settings.

With this series we will explain each time new use cases and highlight the added value for our clients. 


This blog post addresses a complex scenario in the sector of law enforcement. To be more specific, we talk about the highest level of security and protection, enabling sensitive data to be stored in public clouds. Premium protection for data, with decentralized permission management for all mission-critical processes and applications.

Government data is the primary target for cyber-attackers.

Increasingly, all aspects of civil governance are under attack through motivated hackers, organized criminals and state-actors. Political manipulation, often foreign in origin, is a threat to the validity of elections and democratic processes. Planning, management, financial and personnel systems as well as energy supply, military transportation, navigation, fueling and state security are all highly-attractive targets. In addition to sensitive data, governments are also responsible for many less sensitive processes. Digitalization is rapidly transforming all Government services to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and safety of these sensitive systems and all of the data involved.

Government policymakers wish their interactions with their constituents to be more responsive, more widely accessible and more capable. The desired result should be smarter, more efficient and tailored to citizen needs. The increased level of interaction, generate more sensitive data, which requires classification according to official authorization schemas, in addition to integrity and access protection.

Controls must not be superficial, applied only at the interfaces, but must occur at a fundamental level, covering all aspects of the data lifetime. Public administration, courts or other entities need an accompanying audit trail to support data availability, integrity and a forensic level of accountability.

MyPrivacy protects the interactions between devices and people, and the resulting data.

Video footage from officer-worn, and vehicle-mounted cameras, live feeds from CCTVs and various digital media of forensic interest, are all key artifacts in the modern crime-prevention and security environments. Our approach is to uniquely identify, watermark then encrypt, data early in its lifetime. Then we upload it, in an immutable, armored, encrypted form, to whichever storage that the organization prefers - private or public clouds. For offline use, and to handle intermittent network coverage, recorded data is stored locally in encrypted form, then uploaded later when coverage allows. Using our patented mechanisms, access to encrypted data can only be performed by authorized users. All accesses and modifications are forensically logged, in immutable digitally signed form. While normally, access is performed via a desktop interface suitable for untrained users, data can also be exported into approved, standard formats, while maintaining cryptographic integrity.

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