Who We Are

We are an Austrian company, founded in 2018, with our headquarter in Vienna. Based on the long-term experience of our team in the field of IT, cyber security and encryption we invent, develop and produce innovative data protection products and solutions, for private, business and industry customers - as off-the-shelf and customized turn-key solutions.

Our vision

We are passionate about data protection, security and encryption mechanisms.

Our vision is to protect sensitive data against

any access or attack from non-authorized third parties.

Our mission, is to ...

build innovative products & solutions to ensure absolute protection of private and/or critical information once it gets / they are stored.

We provide multiple customer benefits.

Data Security

Our solution protects

user data and/or machine data.

Cloud Provider Independency

Choose any storage provider

based on your preferences.

Complete Data Authority

Manage permissions alongside
your requirements.

Use Cloud Services without hesitation

MyPrivacy toolsets guarantee highest possible protection.

What makes us different from our competitors?

We protect every data point

by storing only the encrypted nodes under randomized addresses without their intermediate secret nodes (its content, owner, position, name, relation, children).

We protect every user´s

PRIVACY:          no provider accessible userdatabase

DISCRETION:   multiple accounts with same user name and different entry

                          points for contextual choice

AUTHORITY:    no master key to circumvent user (thus no password recovery!)

BANDWIDTH:   file splitting reduces amount of data to transfer

STORAGE:       deduplication minimizes use of storage space

We protect every share´s

CONFIDENTIALITY:    no external record

PRIVACY:                    only authorized access

PERMISSION:             may be revoked any time

CONSTRAINTS:          granular acces control (read write /read only /view only)

SEPARATION:             no access to unrelated data

CONCEALMENT:        no trace back to data owner

MyPrivacy can be used almost everywhere.

Starting with simple use cases (such as data storage),

right up to different complex applications in various areas.

We build solutions around data-storage, transactions and non-modification of data, for:

Banking & Financial Systems

Health Care & Medical Systems

Industry & Manufacturing

Government & Critical Infrastructure

Digital Escrow & Last (Living) Will

Social Network & Media



Project Office

Argentinierstraße 53/16

1040 Vienna




+43 677 61222575